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Kuldeep Seth: Stepping forward towards the hyper-local segment

Kuldeep Seth, Founder of three digital multinational companies is all set to step foot in the hyperlocal delivery B2C business.

Before taking a plunge into entrepreneurship, Mr. Kuldeep was a professional marketing speaker and a real estate investor with 5 years of experience in marketing firms.

Though this young entrepreneur’s passion is limitless, he is said to have dropped out of SYBA as he believes less informal education and more in failing 10s of startups and creating one big thing.

Young Millionaire said his company's (Seth Group) main target is to acquire customers and work on targeted young internet audiences as the current quarter was under severe lockdown and internet consumption rose by 13% in India resulting in a great company profit margin.

With his professional approach, understanding of clients' requirements and exceptional services, he has been able to rope in many clients from all across the world for his services.

While discussing his future graph, Kuldeep Seth shares that his conquest towards his aspiration has taught him to be confident and determined about his endeavours. Kuldeep knew that his resilient attitude and efforts bore the results and thus, helped him achieve his cherished goal.

Apart from securing a place for himself in the industry, he has also dedicated himself to achieving the common masses and he has greater milestones to achieve including helping the lower class to get free treatment and setting up old age homes and hopes to leave no stone unturned to make his dreams into reality.

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