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Kunal Devar- Right starter of game, leading with his fame; KDTHREADSS

Not all starts are made to prove oneself. Some are even made to put forward the ideas and start with the same as a means to satisfy the inner self. Well, this is what makes one stand out in the crowd of thousands who are still stuck figuring, what they want to do and how they want to move forward. But wait, are all the same? No, as smart heads like Kunal Devar start early and they try their best to make their small, the better. He didn’t play safe or depend, he made it when he had to. He received a space among the listed successful young entrepreneurs in India and became a part of the Rotract Club of Dombivli. Kunal also received many certificates from varied institutions amongst which was Emerging Entrepreneur Award from MYshopprime.com “For every step he took, he didn’t create a name but his achievements books”
Kunal was just like other minors from Dombivli when at 15 he got into the business of clothes and online mobile covers, a very basic need of humans as on today. He made it small but it was a smart move with a focused head. He never waited for others to come and talk and teach as for him he was learning new skills every day. All of the efforts, all of the ideas, all of burning desires like a proper business-kid, he worked along with many reputed businessmen and companies and by the time he was 16, he came out in the market with flying colors and launched his successfully created clothing and accessories brand under the name of KDTHREADSS.
There is a say, “when someone has nothing to prove, they move ahead like in their groove.” Kunal was one of such groove-former who slowly made out his brand and got it listed amongst the successive brands of India, which on today’s date has served more than 3000 customers in and around the country. 
“With success in the same, he was out there to add new things in his fame.” He stepped up and up and finally entered the field of digital marketing. Just as said above, his learning was continuous and it made him get thorough with the techniques and started getting work at large. Within his brand name, KDTHREADSS, he brought in 10 trustworthy members who work under his team, helping him by all means they can.
Looking into the family background and personal qualifications, Kunal belongs from a middle-class family and is currently studying in the field of BMS, at KJ SOMAIYA ARTS AND COMMERCE college, MUMBAI. At present, this name has been a helping hand for many and has served along with more than 3000 customers. He has also designed the dress code for the Rotract club3141 for their event RED. A name from hoodies, t-shirts and other clothing accessories to making it a successful Google verified business and finally getting a name for so many eligible titles while KDTHREADSS Kunal tried to make space in the world of digital marketing too. Amazing isn’t it?
One young head, so much within, all we can do is to wait for what he might bring up next to his accomplishments or can attend varied seminars conducted by him at varied colleges and institutions. Kunal on today’s date, at the age of 17, is also a teacher of what he can and what he has. He makes people understand the real value of Business, how to start the same and how to run it smoothly maintaining a steady income. His ideas are amazing and so is his way of smoothly bringing out the complexities and covering what scares of the people. For parents like that of Kunal’s, this is for sure one of the proudest things to see his son doing so well and earning an income in the 4 figures, which at this age, at 17, well, it’s truly one accomplishment to praise this heart.
For what he has and what he holds, he is one to be wished to move ahead even amidst the folds and be a benchmark for all those starters who look forward to the platter serving all. He is a motivator, a true one to look ahead the served and be an out-reacher of next.

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