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Learn from the best- Ankit Chaudhary provides 3 motivational tips for the young entrepreneur


There are a lot of places that offer business advice that promise to take you from zero to hero. However, newcomers beware. Flashy sites and impossibly high success rates are something to stay away from. Instead, it is best to take advice from someone who has already gone through that initial phase of hardships while starting out in the entrepreneurial world. One such candidate to provide sound advice is Ankit Chaudhary.


Ankit Chaudhary is a celebrated Instagram marketing expert who has brought social media fame to many. He is also the founder and CEO of his own agency ZigZoneMedia and has served more than 450 clients within the last two years. Ankit Chaudhary has been working in this industry since a very young age and has been constantly working wonders since then. However, Ankit Chaudhary doesn't want others to also go through the same struggles that he had. This is why we list down three major tips from Ankit Chaudhary to be better prepared for the world of entrepreneurship- inside out:


1) Keep a positive mindset- Probably one of the biggest factors which can make or break any person is their own mind. Ankit Chaudhary says that training one’s own perspective to be optimistic and hopeful rather than overly critical and pessimistic is the first step to becoming successful, irrespective of the industry they are trying to break into.


2) Remember that time fixes all Making a name for oneself is a difficult task irrespective of what career path one chooses. However, with the rise of digital entrepreneurs and social media marketers, this particular industry has become even more saturated. Creating a niche for yourself might seem impossible but with hard work and a motivated personality, one can achieve all. The initial stages of Ankit Chaudhary’s career are testimony to this- there were no big deals with foreign brands and his bank account did not grow overnight. However, even when things looked as bad as they could possibly get, Ankit Chaudhary decided to instead let time do its thing and soon saw that his efforts had paid off.


3) Believe in your own abilities- In this world there are many who are always waiting to call out your shortcomings and bring you down. However, there are only a few who will be there to support you and your journey right from the start. In Ankit Chaudhary's opinion there can be no bigger supporter than themselves. It is important to believe in your capacity to progress and believe that the end goal is something achievable. Only then can you be motivated to carry on.


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