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Learn Handling Things The Better Way With Sagar V Kohlli

Sagar V Kohlli

People know about their thoughts & future plans around what they want to do, but the issue arises when they are unable to handle the processes and success linked to their work. In that case, we should be learning the skill of handling things the better way from Sagar V Kohlli.


Sagar is into modeling, and he started modeling at the age of 17 and he is a footwear manufacturer currently the OEM of Welcome Footwear and the Sole Distributor of the Brand Adda(Thailand) for Jharkhand.


Difficult Days Makes You


Although the initial days were difficult, but Sagar considers those days as the learning days of his career where he was able to learn a lot about the various industries and the modeling career sector.


As he has worked in different industries, and with the help of his experience Sagar V Kohlli was able to grasp the good things from every industry and combinedly they helped him grow and stay consistent with his work in his hard times.


Welcome Footwear manufactures all types of footwear such as slippers, ladies slippers, kids range, school shoes, and many more such options in the PU factory based in Bahadurgarh.


Career Growth Stage


Sagar has witnessed exponential growth in his modeling career and not just in the career but he was able to grow his personal life as well, as he got married to the love of his life Sanjukta who was her friend since the 9th standard. He is also blessed with a child Aveer, and her wife is the retail head of Gaurav Gupta a well-known fashion designer.


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