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Learn the art of Makeup with Amit Makeovers

For common folks like us fashion world, media events and makeup arts are big words that we cannot even dream to achieve and probably wonder how artists reach up to that level. But is it impossible to become one of the leading artists despite originating from the background of a common man? Yes, indeed it is hard but certainly not impossible. Amit Kumar was a common folk like us but he had a dream and will to work hard to achieve that dream. Because of hard work, Amit Kumar is now one of the prominently known makeup artists right now.

A guy who born in Jalandhar (Punjab) and worked in the saloon had the required patient and talent to stands out different from the crowd. A self-made man like Amit Kumar credits his success to his attitude of accepting the change in art. His ever-changing art always stays relevant to the time and lead the trends. His trendsetting art comes from his distinctive natural makeup look given to models. Logically if you follow the step of successful people you are more likely to be successful. This is also what aspiring makeup artists should do. Amit Kumar always starts makeup by designing an original concept which is according to the type of event. Lighting and arena of the event are always important as it is what enhances the look and everything should match the background. Amit Kumar's way is to do everything is required proportion and do everything timely. 

For his artwork, Amit Kumar has been awarded as “best makeup artist” several times. Already a nationwide phenomenon Amit Kumar is slowly going global too. His leisure activities involve reading stuff related to the fashion world and traveling. He has been a long part of NGOs which help poor children by providing economic upliftment opportunities. He teaches his makeup art to students and whenever possible give them small projects so they can have practical exposure. What is most advisable to new artists or those who are new to the field is that finding their style then stick to it. Make it your style and keep improving it. Despite being a veteran of makeup art Amit Kumar still try to learn new things and he still believes that he can improve much further. Amit Kumar also advocates people to not hesitate to try new things. Pushing the boundaries is what elevates someone’s art.

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