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Lifestyle influencer and avid traveller Gaurav Manoj Singh reveals his dream destination

Don't we all have 100 plus names jotted under the title, "dream destination to visit?" After all, exploring new places is on everyone's bucket list. Speaking of all this, Gaurav Manoj Singh, the travel aficionado, whispered the names of places that he truly wished to visit. Don't you want to see if your choices match his?

Having toured more than 15 countries, Gaurav Manoj Singh got ants in his pants when we questioned him about his dream destination. Without even taking a breath, he took the names of two countries: Scotland and Greece. Now, this sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

Speaking of Scotland, Gaurav said, "It has always been at the top of my list. The picturesque landscapes, marvellous architecture, lively culture, and, of course, the hearty food, all of these nudge me to take a trip here. Which I will do sooner or later." When in Scotland, Gaurav Manoj Singh said that he would first visit Glencoe Valley and Eilean Donan Castle.

Addressing the other country, Greece, the lifestyle influencer mentioned sightseeing the cute villages, breathtaking beaches and beautiful viewpoints in Santorini. He also mentioned exploring Mykonos, Naxos, and Paros. Gaurav Manoj Singh is planning to visit one of these countries in the next year. We are very excited to see the places from his point of view.

This influencer's way of living has helped millions to follow their heart and live an animated life. Gaurav Manoj Singh has already been to Paris, Denmark, Zurich, Budapest, and many more wonderful places. His travel stories are inspiring people to be adventurous too.

Besides being a social media star and travel enthusiast, Gaurav Manoj Singh is also serving as the president of the Indian Student Union of Poland. He has undertaken several humane activities and has been appreciated for the same. Gaurav has also bagged the award of best delegate at the very prestigious IIMUN conference, Poland Chapter. We hope he keeps inspiring us to live a delightful life.

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