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Lovejeet Singh Golu song coming in Bollywood soon.

One more renowned name added in the list of producers like Badshah and YO-YO Honey Singh. Delhi based Entrepreneur Lovejit Golu is teamed up with Pooraj Kapoor to launch an Independent Music Video called “Rowena”. This song is about the importance of the relationship. The song will come as a message to all who take a relationship for granted.

Good relations in life are like FD in the bank more you care more it grows. Whatever comes the circumstances person should not take relationships for granted.

With a strong message, we feel the song will create a ripple in the audience and the industry. The song caters to emotions by all age group as what we see in this is nothing which is not heard of or spoken about. 

This music video will give people hope to love and give love all over again even after a heartbreak but will also let them know how things which are left behind will cross their paths again. It is solely how, as a person, one decides to cater to it.

The team of Lovejit Singh and Pooraj Kapoor have bestowed their feelings and activities that went behind shooting this music video. It all started for them when they were on their way back from a shoot and on the way they were sent this song and the very first minute of the song they were convinced to put their time and efforts into the project.

Just halfway through they could visualize it and have also started to think about the locations accordingly, and that happened to be Punjab because of the rustic look of the song and visuals. 

They had to face a lot of challenges in terms of logistics and a complete change of work culture, but they sure had a great time shooting in the remote locations of Punjab.

Initially, the Director Pooraj Kapoor was quote skeptical about shooting in Punjab, and that is to have his friend as a producer, but he was bought to confidence by his core team members from Mumbai. Fortunately, everything else fell in place eventually, and they could manage to give us a memorable song, and they hope to keep shooting in Punjab.

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