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Major Singh Grewal Songs Remain a Treat for ears for Punjabi Music Lovers

Punjabi Music is often known to have elements that can woo the audience in a big way. In a long list of musicians and singers, we have one name that excels on the top called Major Grewal who is an exceptional singer in Punjabi Music. Major Singh Grewal is also known as Mjr Grewal. He is a cool performer and competitive singer who leaves no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling for the music lovers. His social media page defines him as a writer and music artist. Which means, he is not only a cool singer of different songs but at the same time jots down the songs for his fans. 

Talking about his recent work, his music video song called Nawab was out last to last week for his fans. It was a Diwali gift for the audience who have been waiting to catch something interesting from the musician. He is the one who not only jotted down the lyrics of the song but at the same time embarked with the official song as well. Produced under the banner called Singh International Films, the song has the best and soothing music to enjoy with a competitive model Amrita Chehil as the leading lady making your day. 
All his other songs have gained a good buzz around them wooing his fans and followers on social media. On an average one can see more than five million views for the song that impresses everyone. Similarly, another song called Truck Life gave the chance to enjoy the song the best. His love for cool locations and huge SUVs can be found out as the part and parcel of his musical songs that add the glory for his audience. He keeps on experimenting with different lip-sync platforms to make short videos to keep his fans on the toes as he shares them as well on his social media profiles.

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