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Makeup Artist Taihseen Mohamed Farooq Has Turned Her Passion Into An Entrepreneurial Venture

Makeup is not only for beautifying yourself, but it also has a function to make your skin looks better. Not only this, makeup can increase your confidence as it hides all the scars on your face which enable your face curves appears more real and perfect. It is considered a true self-confidence booster. With this thought in their mind, sister duo, Taihseen, and Humera started a venture Makeovers By Taihseen and Humera in 2017.     

Taihseen has always been extremely passionate about beauty secrets and makeup. Since childhood, she used to observe her mother applying makeup with great pious. She has followed her and Humera (her sister) who were always pro in their approach. 

“Makeup was always my passion. I always use to do makeup myself. Not only this, as I was a fashion and makeup blogger, my followers always used to appreciate my work and keep on urging me to teach them. My sister and I have been approached several times by the Insta followers for teaching them makeup. After consistent requests on social media, we decided to conduct two days’ workshop regarding the nitty-gritty of makeup. There were around 10 students who registered for our workshop.  Seeing the response we were overwhelmed. We were literally mesmerized with the love and response and that’s where we decided to take a plunge. Our first batch commenced on 27 January 2017,” said Taihseen, one of the founders of Makeovers By Taihseen and Humera.    

For sisters, entrepreneurship was not something they wanted to do. However, today being a renowned makeup artist, the duo is glad that they decided to take a plunge. “Entrepreneur, not really but I ended up becoming one and I am really glad I did. I dint choose to do something for just the money. I did it because I want to live life on my own terms. Money comes as an added bonus, but the ultimate motive is to create something that can solve problems. And I believe the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur lies in being able to think like one,” opined Taisheen.

Taihseen sees challenges as something positive. She believes that there is never any progress if one doesn’t don’t face any challenge. “To be honest it wasn’t as difficult since my sister always had my back and her professionalism as my partner in this business really helped us to work positively as a team. Not only this, my family always supported me. Initially, there were other Mua’s who tried to drag us down, spoke ill about us but we ignore all the negativity and continued our work! We never stop working hard and I guess the price of success is hard work,” said Taihseen.

They provide 6 weeks basics professional course for students who want to pursue a career in the makeup industry. “We are also offering 'professional airbrush course'. In a very short span, we started our monthly batches with six students in each batch. So far, I have certified over 150 above students.  Now I am also getting offers for bridal make-up. Gradually, I started providing basic self-grooming course for girls who simply want to do it for their own self,” informed Taihseen.

With this venture, sister duo wants their client to be fully satisfied with the service they are providing them and maintain healthily business relations with them.

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