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Mangal Singh Is Well Known Entrepreneur

Hailing from New Delhi, Mangal Singh aka Chaudhary72 has had quite many highs and lows in his life.  Raised by his grandparents in Uttar Pradesh, a sense of responsibilities was instilled in him all thanks to the upbringing he had in is childhood. Not only this, but he also was taught to have a sense of responsibility towards the society, his people and the downtrodden along with doing something which matches his passion and can bring glory & success to him and his family.

Other Passions: Mangal enjoys traveling, exploring nature, off-roading and buying new cars. He is also a Social Media influencer.

Mangal Singh aka Chaudhary72 who makes sure that a part of his earnings goes into the society believes in bringing the nation strong and ready for tomorrow. He wants the government to ensure the betterment of the farmers as he says that farmers are the foundation of India and its dreams. We agree with you, Mangal Singh!

Also having battled depression in his life, Mangal keeps posting inspirational and motivational posts on his IG to inspire people to live life positively and have a peaceful attitude in life.

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