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Manish Kashyap brings revolution of fitness and body building in north India

If you are disciplined with your daily actions, you can achieve any goal in life with utmost precession. After all, discipline always has an upper hand over motivation. All that is required is to have control of the habits and choices that you make. Inculcating higher self-discipline in the day-to-day activities, Manish Kashyap is setting an example of living a disciplined life. He is one of the prominent names with versatile traits.

Besides being the founder of GYM13, he is president of WFF North India. And rather than following a mainstream approach of following trends, he has created trends with his work ethos. Despite having a busy schedule of handling events & Gyms, Manish has never messed with his workout and diet regime.

Hailing from the Rampur bsr. region of Himachal Pradesh, he has inspired thousands of aspiring youngsters about the importance of having a fit body. Always inclined towards having a chiselled physique, Overcoming all the challenges, Manish Kashyap has never stayed away from doing exercises.

More so, he has been working out for almost 15 years, and during this time, he has never given up on his workouts. “It is pretty simple. If you quit on the process, you never reach the result. I have always focused on the process without making the scenarios of the final results. The only way to keep going is through the approach of never giving up in life, no matter what situation comes the way”, says Manish.

According to him, exercise is a part and parcel of one’s life that keeps depression and anxiety away.

He says, “Working out regularly and eating the right food helps in boosting the overall well-being. Everything is a mind game. If you can think of it, you can do it.”

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