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Manthan Dudeja - Journey Of A Gamer To A Programmer

Discovering his talent and potential, Manthan Dudeja, a renowned blogger, website designer, digital marketer and Android/iOS programmer, shares how he became successful in all walks of life. Born and brought up in Karnal, Haryana, Dudeja has come a long way from a computer enthusiast to making his country proud in the foreign land. 

Manthan Dudeja said, “With dedication and vision, anyone can achieve whatever s/he wants.” Dudeja is a live example of turning this statement into a breathing structure. He kept chasing his goals and never looked back. Dudeja was a born enthusiast, when kids play games and enjoy, Dudeja used to wonder, what makes these computer games run and what the algorithm is behind. This curiosity made him strive for knowledge and brought him closer to computers. Dudeja is now pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from California State University. 

Dudeja believes, “Wear a tuxedo that suits you. In other words, stick to the profession that serves your interest. Then the success is all yours.” Dudeja has walked his talk. This technophile’s life roams about computers. After achieving several milestones, working at mega-corps such as Goggle Adsense, Amazon Associates, he launched his own online venture, TechCrack, where he blogs about technology and updates ‘target audience’ encircling the latest information on tech news, gadgets, apps, and software, gaming, business, marketing and the like. Manthan Dudeja, as a blogger, has become popular with tech-savvy people. He is earning it all in a relatively short time.

Dudeja says the more you push yourself to your limits, the more you savor the taste of success. Sharing the experience of being an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of TechCrack, Dudeja said, ‘Having a vision is important in life. I always wanted to share my knowledge of computers with other technophiles like me. So I started my venture of dreams and it is doing great.”  For this visionary, the long and winding road between launching a start-up and make it popular amongst the ‘target audience’ has been strenuous but inspirational at the same time.

The list does not end here, Dudeja is Editor-in-chief at Tech World Zone and making big in the digital world. The mantra to which ManthanDudeja swears by is consistency. His graph had never gone down indeed it shows remarkable growth at a good accelerating rate. He is one of the leading tech bloggers and website designers who has become an inspiration to millennials.

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