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Masumiyat Charity: Giving a ray of to the needy amidst Covid-19

Covid-19 has disrupted lives on a global level. However, for the underprivileged children, belonging to rural pockets of the country, the pandemic almost halted their lives. Not only did their learning stop due to the pandemic, poor internet connectivity, and unavailability of smartphones, but these children also found it hard to get proper meals.

Therefore, to provide ease to these people during the tough time of the global pandemic, Masumiyat charity is relentlessly working towards their upliftment.

Founded by Mr Ashish Jha and Mr Subhash Jha, the foundation has successfully served more than 25lakh people across various parts of the country. The foundation has also sponsored school fees of more than 1000 students so far.

Mr Ashish Jha and Subhash Jha envisions to make Bihar a hunger-free state for the upcoming generations and to provide education to every single child of Bihar. Driven towards making Bihar a developed state, they wish to serve each and every person by providing them with better education and health facilities.

During the lockdown, the NGO has been ensuring the underprivileged sections and displaced migrant labourers are provided with ration kits and meals through its partnerships with PepsiCo, KFC India, and others.

To tackle the hardships brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the NGO has been ensuring that the underprivileged sections and displaced migrant labourers are provided with ration kits and adequate health benefits. The NGO has delivered more than 50k raw ration kits to every household and the local natives of Bihar.

Since 1.5 years of its inception, the NGO has been toiling tirelessly to help people in need. It has been successful in improving the lives of hundreds of children by working towards their upliftment and bringing the innocence of childhood back in their lives.

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