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Maxtern Media to launch their own app, Founder Mohit Churiwal shares future plans

Maxtern Media is also going to launch its own application where users can share their quotes and thoughts. Maxtern Media is a Digital Marketing Company founded in late 2019 by Mohit Churiwal. Around 10 million people visit its website daily.

Mohit Churiwal started his career when he was a teen. When he was just 15 years old, he convinced the Chinese company 9apps to hire him and let him manage their social media pages. This was how Churiwal was introduced to digital marketing games and started learning the basics. He got tremendous exposure on social media. But sooner, he realized that to achieve bigger things, he would have to take risks and that’s when he left the job and started his own venture.

In no time, Mohit Churiwal was able to take his company to its heights. The company provides a one-step solution to all Entrepreneurs to grow their business digitally. With a base of 150 Million across all the social media platforms, the firm commits to its client’s entrepreneurial growth and development. Under the leadership of Mohit, the team works tirelessly to fulfill the client’s needs.

Today, Maxtern Media is several steps ahead of its competition because of Mohit’s consistent efforts. In earlier stages, he realized the importance of strategic skills and how they can help in business development.

Within a few months, Maxtern Media became one of the greatest Digital Marketing firms. It also provides a platform for people to share their success stories and inspire other people. Not only that, but it also helps Influencers and Entrepreneurs to get verified on social media platforms.

Despite being so young, Mohit Churiwal decided to break the societal norms and go with his career plans. His experiential knowledge in digital marketing has become his key to success. Currently, he is working with several Entrepreneurs.

Mohit Churiwal firmly believes that this generation needs to take the risks if they really want to achieve something. By turning his vision into reality, Mohit has been successful in taking Maxtern Media to new heights.

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