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Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar aka Yuvraj of the Kanjari state in Gujarat has some priceless piece of advice for today's youth

To bring a change, one must be the change. This old saying goes apt in every sense for the ones who want to bring revolution. One of the notable names from Gujarat, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar is rightly bringing a voice of change with his commendable works. Many might not be aware, but he is a top-notch name when it comes to social works.

Apart from being a social activist, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar is even a motivational speaker. His words of wisdom and speeches on several occasions have inspired the youth of the country. As per his words, “To think is one thing but to think and work towards bringing a change is a different ball game. You must work towards the latter, and that’s what I believe in.”

Be it any advice or any life lesson, the motivational speaker has always been at the forefront to help people. Fondly known as the Yuvraj of the Kanjari state in Gujarat, Mayurdhwaj has always practised the attitude of staying down to earth. “You must always be humble and not forget your roots. Despite being successful, I respect where I have come from, and that’s what matters the most”, the social worker quoted.

Always being the leader that he is, Mayurdhwaj has always strived to be a better version of him. He believes that an individual must focus on improving on different levels and not only on one level. Adding to it, he stated that when a person focuses on overall improvement, the results are much better as it does not focus only on one good quality. On the professional front, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar has always stood up in mentoring the young minds who want to build a career in business.

The young and talented man considers discipline, hard work and self-confidence as the important virtues to become successful. According to him, all three qualities are interlinked with one another. As of now, he has been advising the youngsters to focus more on the digital medium as it is growing by leaps and bounds in every sector.

Educating today’s youth about the latest innovations, Mr Parmar believes that this generation will set tomorrow’s future. His precious words have not only been the motivational force for all amateur business minds, but it has also helped many individuals to grow in different fields. Lastly, Mayurdhwajsinh Parmar concluded that gaining knowledge and working towards the betterment of society is of utmost importance in today’s changing times.

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