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Meet Faheem Bhat, From Being A Novelist Of Endeavour To The Entrepreneur Of Substance

Faheem Bhat is regarded as one of the famous literacy artists of all time in Kashmir. His novel 'Wandering for love'  is one of the fast selling books in 2016 to 2017 in across India which is because of the influence and social media of Bhat. 

After the success of his book, Faheem Bhat decided to start his own self-publishing house in Kashmir. Opening Kashmir's first self-publishing house was very uphill but Faheem turns the story upside down. 

Faheem started his own self-publishing house 'Lieper Publication Pvt. Ltd' with a tagline of 'We turn writers into Author's' And within a year of existence the tagline got changed to 'Kashmir's first and fast-growing self-publishing house'

Lieper Publication has been started to be counted among prominent self-publishing houses. It has a tremendous following on social media. 

And the CEO of Lieper Publication, Faheem Bhat is one of the known social media personality as well.

He has been the example for youth in Kashmir for his dedication, hard work, and contribution towards literature which is exceptional. 

Talking about his future plan, he said he is finding the key to something big and unless he won't get it,  he would like to keep all to himself.

May he grow a lot wiser insubstantial and all his dreams come true.

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