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Meet India's famous Super Car Collector Rohit Roy

For today's social media influencers, we can say one thing, and that is - You may love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Today we are going to talk about one fantastic person who we can call as a Richie rich of our time who loves to drive supercars of the 21st century and all his super beasts will be in Rich Blue colour. Now that's what we call a passion for cars and colour.

We are talking about Rohit Roy aka Don Casanova, who is known for his lavish lifestyle, and he is also India's leading influencer in the Automobile industry today. This lad is amazing, and he has influenced many car lovers with his supercars like Bentley, Rolls Royce and Bugatti which anyone can dream off.

Some people come in crazy categories, and Rohit Roy comes in that list of crazy passionate people. He always sets the trend in the automobile industry with his super beasts.

Rohit Roy's fan following is not regular; many top celebs follow his lifestyle and adore his car collection. Many want to meet him personally and wants to know about him. He is everywhere in social media platform like YouTube, where you will see many videos related to his cars, and the same is on Instagram and FB.

All the social media platforms are gaga over his passion for cars and his favourite blue colour. He is an ultimate influencer which has created a special place in the mind of every generation and every genre with his superb collection of cars.

Rohit Roy has very sound knowledge of all the latest cars; he visits every exhibition, auto expos of top companies. You will see him in every significant event which is related to cars. This shows his passion for car and hunger to know about technology which comes in new cars.

Rohit Roy, aka Don Casanova, is the perfect role model for the people who wants to drive top cars in their life. People like Rohit Roy influence people to work hard in their life to get such luxury. Here's wishing topmost influencer and car collector of India all the best for his future and keep influencing people with your beasts all the time

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