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Meet Model and Actor Priya Mishra who believe the learning will never end in this industry

Priya Mishra, a Model-cum-Actor, believes in the path rather than the destination. She thinks that the destination will satisfy human beings and stagnate while the path allows us to acquire the free flow of knowledge.

Priya Mishra has proven that not just customers and energies but also continued efforts to define your journey towards success. She has started from being a nobody has carved a niche in the acting field.

She has not only helped herself with the lessons and learnings but has also helped people who don't have support to come to this industry. Also, during Covid, she has organised meetings that helped people to not worry but to keep themselves focused on the end results. “It’s about effort when you implement the effort in life, every single day transformation happens”, says Priya Mishra. Her Acting and works impact people on a different level altogether due to the special attention she gives while lessons.

From doing work and modelling about managing their personal and work life, to leading Best in this field – Priya has made her mark by helping the most renowned people including those of a few actors and actresses gain work-life
balance. She goes ahead to emphasize the need to gain control over the subconscious mind and to not let it jump around like a wild monkey. Her future long-term plan is to do lots of work in this industry, and her short-
a term plan is to take up acting as a profession and turn it trendier and more futuristic. She firmly believes that learning new things will never end in anyone’s life and considers that every day is a new beginning to learn

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