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Meet Nidhi Agarwal, an Indian Muse who is known as Treasuremuse

Life should be dealt with in a win-win situation. And that is what Nidhi Agarwal; a lifestyle blogger (@treasuremuse) and fashion designer (Vadhini by Nidhi), with an overall experience of more than 5 years now and been awarded blogger of the year from various streams snd platforms consecutively from last many years. She is one of the leading influencers from Jaipur, the capital city of this beautiful state Rajasthan in India.

She says and strongly believes that life is abrupt and has no calendar. And hence with 90k+ followers on various social media platforms, she feels accountable to all those people. She believes that to be able to provide with good quality content, she needs to connect with her audiences in a manner they understand. Coming from a middle-class background, the youngest of the lot in her family has a mission of becoming one per cent of the society so that she can be a guide to all those people who are lost but do want to achieve heights of what nature can provide them.

She started her career in 2015 with blogging under “Treasuremuse” and since then she has been footing herself competently in the industry. Until now she has collaborated with  370+ brands like Paperboat, Gionee India, Vivo India and international brands like Max Fashions, Reliance Footprints etc. She introduced her first collection “SERAPH” at a fashion show with the Banaraswalas. She was seen in a video shoot for Veet with the gorgeous Sherry Shroff and also as city lead in Jaipur PopXo 2015. And also, She was titled “BEST LIFESTYLE BLOGGER 2019” by Bnbmag. She featured as Top fashion blogger of Jaipur by "Jaipur Talkies"

Very early in her age, Nidhi understood the values of mental health in our lives. She says," Yoga and Pranayam have been a part of every middle-class household in India. When I dug into what's it's all about I realised that we all have been working on a particular frequency. And all you got to do is to align your set frequency, on which your body works with your counterpart in the universe. And once you are in this loop, everything comes handy. Success, love, and all those little cravings of life that we have comes in handy. A calm mind and a healthy body is the key to all of it. Yoga and pranayama is the key to it. And we're blessed to have been born in a country where all of this finds it's roots. Been born in India, is a blessing."

On Nidhi’s page, you find numerous posts where she talks about spiritual understanding and divination. She’s a staunch believer of non-material ethereal connectivity.  The world has seen a lot last year. Everybody was going on a certain pace until Covid hit all of us. With one in every five people suffering from mental health issues even post covid, it's high time that we address this issue seriously. With social media being one of the few industries that shook markets by achieving new heights, it is a great platform to address this issue of mental health.

"Being born in the mid-90s, I have been exposed to the two sides social media has. But why focus on negativity when positive aspects can overpower all that negative there is about it. Your content is something that establishes a connection with your followers and that is a huge responsibility. I owe them their valuable time. And hence with every post that I put out, I try to make it worth spending time on because why release your dopamine for free, right?"

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