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Meet One Of The Finest Indian Young Wedding Photographer & Film Maker; Lakshya Chawla

The people belonging to the photography community are our eyes to the world. They can make anything appear like a picturesque. And when it comes to weddings, their imagination runs wild. 

Honoring the passion of photography, we introduce you to Lakshya Chawla, a spirited young man and one of India’s best wedding photographer. 

Lakshya has a keen eye for detail and vision which defines a picture perfectly. He beholds expertise in the elements of art which helps him to make conscious choices while capturing a picture.

His instincts and perfect timing to click pictures make every wedding photo as scenic as it could be.

Apart from capturing happy moments, Lakshya loves to travel around the world and is an ardent travel photographer too.

Lakshya did his MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Photography was Lakshya's passion since 2011 but never imagined it to be a career. But, you never know what is stored for you in life.

As a hobby, Lakshya used to click pictures all around. Back in 2013, he clicked some stunning pictures in his sister's marriage. The event got the eye of many people. Eventually, his sister’s marriage changed his fortune as he started to get inquiries for Wedding photography.

Soon after his sister's marriage, he already had his calendar booked for months. This was the time when Lakshya decided not to sit for campus placements and give photography a full-time shot. 

He started photography as a profession in the year 2013-14. When he was in the 2nd year of his MBA. By the mid-second year of his MBA, Lakshya was getting regular work and he started to take his profession more seriously and consulted his professors to make wedding photography into a successful case study.

Lakshya took courses like digital marketing, new venture planning, consumer behavior, etc., which actually helped him to shape down his very own venture by the name of Shutterdown.

Till date, Lakshya has shot more than 300 Luxury Weddings, 100 of them being destination weddings. Lakshya with Shutterdown has shot weddings across the globe including places like Austria, Germany, Prague, Thailand, UAE, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. and winning more than 10 national and international wedding photography and film making awards.

Lakshya recently collaborated with Jasleen Royal from Bollywood to create their song cover which gathered more than 1.5 million views on Youtube.

(Visit his site www.shutterdown.in and enjoy more of his work. For more details, you can directly reach him at ( lakshya@shutterdwon.in)

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