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Meet Ripon Basak, aka Ripz, excelling in his art of tattooing and creating his unique niche in the industry.

Through the years, the skilled tattoo artist has earned a loyal base of clients, who love his meaningful art and talent.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize that all world's an art. It is surreal to know that the artistic visions of different people across industries have led to their exponential rise as professionals. The world of tattoo and piercing is one which people hardly knew about a few years ago and did not put enough trust or faith to make a career in the same. However, kudos to all those people who even amidst such times, made the firm decision to enter the field and made it huge for themselves as a professional tattoo artist. One such popular name in the industry of tattoo and piercing is of Ripon Basak, popularly known as Ripz in the industry.

Since a very early age, if anything that ever attracted Ripon Basak the most then it was everything that directly or indirectly dealt with art. Seeing the meaning behind different forms, structures, designs and painting was what he excelled at and this deep understanding of his at a very young age helped him become unique with his designs. Art became his passion and he decided to learn the art of tattooing while he studied in Bangalore.

To further quench his thirst to be known as a prominent tattoo artist, Ripz began taking small steps to later take on the leap of faith to carve a unique niche for himself in the industry. He enrolled for a tattoo course and started as a hobby. Little did he know then that his inclination towards the world of arts would take him on a fruitful journey in the future. Way back in 2003, Ripon Basak started with tattooing and only in 2008 registered officially. Through the years he kept learning new things, broadened his understanding about designs and kept experimenting with himself and his passion.

The journey was filled with many challenges and hurdles, but Ripz rose above all of that and dived deeper in his passion for tattoo art. The tattoo artist believes that when individuals work with a determined mind and heart, nothing or nobody can stop them. His excellence in the tattoo art and piercing has given him and his studio located in Guwahati, Assam, India named 'Ripz Tattoo & Piercing' a lot of name and fame.

Ripon Basak has visited many International Conventions held in India & abroad and has been bestowed with several awards at both national and international levels. Another achievement of his is that he began the Neon Tattoo Convention, the 1st exclusive international Tattoo Convention in Guwahati for North-East. At the convention, many prominent personalities from the tattoo industry were present.

This year Ripz aims to strive towards becoming better, work harder and start his first biggest formal Tattoo School of the North-East and is planning to enter the restaurant industry as well. Every tattoo of his tells a story and for him working on every design gives him a natural high. To know more about Ripz and his studio, follow him on Instagram @ripztattoo.

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