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Meet Sanket Desarda: The Guy Behind The Biggest Love Community 'Relationship Goals'

In this sexet, twerk, the hook-up world we live in, it's hard to find true love. The idea of true love has become an artifact worthy of its place in a museum. However, one guy who is relentlessly holding on to this crazy idea is Sanket Desarda. Sanket has always been fascinated with the idea of love when he says love, he is not referring to a meaningless relationship steamed of lust - He means the old 60s – 70s wala love.

Sanket’s content has furbished couples with something to look forward to instead of having an unsubstantial relation. His Instagram and Facebook page has turned him into a digital love guru who seems to have the solution for all your relationship regarding issues.

A major chunk of the young generation is responding to his content and are totally crushing over it. His pages are glorifying love the way the tragic story of Rome and Juliet use to. The majority consumer of content is vulnerable enough be to influence. The idea of kind and unconditional love may just change the heart of the coming generation and the way we view relationship.

The digital love guru – Sanket is determined to restore a broken relationship, and might just be someone who you need during your next relationship crises.

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