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Meet Shubham Rathi, an emerging Youth Leader who inspiring the young generation

“Be the change you want to see in the world” said Mahatma Gandhi and this is what Shubham Rathi, an emerging youth leader and social activist based in Uttar Pradesh believes in. Shubham Rathi who is a well-known name in the realm of activism and politics is the State President of Uttar Pradesh Students Union and also the Youth State President of All India Jaat Mahasabha. The young leader made a name for himself in the hearts and minds of people of Moradabad during the entire Covid-19 wave as he was seen on the ground 24*7 working tirelessly for the people, arranging oxygen cylinders, distributing free masks & kits and arranging life-saving drugs. His popularity further soared when he participated in the Farmers Agitation alongside BKU leader Rakesh Tikait. Rathi is a leader who is deeply connected with the masses and has always stood for people in their thick and thin and now is ready to do the same for the students who are protesting against the Agnipath scheme brought by the Union Government. 


Shubham Rathi, who since his school days spent most of the time surrounded by politicians and other influential people, was always fascinated by politics and as he grew up, he realised that politics is indeed a medium to serve the people and take the country forward. Following his passion to serve the society, he joined the Student’s Union at a time when he was doing his graduation from the prestigious Hindu College located in Moradabad. In 2017, he, along with like minded students floated Uttar Pradesh Students Union for raising issues related to student welfare. It is likely that most of you might have heard the phrase ‘Luck favours the brave’ and the same was in the case of this youth leader. Shubham, for his deep understanding of people and their issues was awarded and promoted to the post of President of Student’s Wing of Akhil Bhartiya Jaat Mahasabha on August 8th, 2020.


Accountability is an aspect which people seek from their leaders. Politics is something that has drastically changed in India. Now, in the digital era of information, people are more aware of their rights and are in a ‘Zero Tolerance Mode’ for the politicians who cannot stand by them. Shubham Rathi is someone who understands the fact and catering to the same, he has dedicated his life for the betterment of the society and for assisting people in getting their issues resolved.


Talking about his motivation to serve the society, Shubham Rathi stated, “I, with all my heart, believe that if you are capable of influencing people’s life in a positive way, then you must not hesitate to do it as it is both your moral duty as well as your social responsibility. India is changing rapidly and people, today, are more smart; they expect their leaders to address their issues and help them get resolved rather than merely making fake promises. I have always been drawn towards upliftment of the society and I, in my best of my capacities, try to help people, particularly the people who stand at the lowest strata of the society. I feel proud and blessed to have dedicated my life towards serving the people and I promise to keep doing so.”


Often referred to as a ‘Yuva Neta’, Shubham Rathi is rapidly emerging as a young turk in the realm of politics in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. Not just a youth leader, he also successfully runs 2 very promising startups in the field of Real Estate and Share Market. With so many achievements and recognition in his kitty at such a young age, Shubham Rathi has truly positioned himself as the next big thing in Indian Politics and, without a doubt, is an inspiration for generations to come.


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