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Meet Sonali Barthwal The Girl Who Is Shaping Our Indian Fashion Industry

Recognised as the queen of commercial modeling, Masters in Psychology and Sales Executive, Sonali Barthwal talks about her newest project. Sonali’s ability to evoke and adapt to the demands of the industry, while still keeping it real, is what truly makes her our jack-of-all-trades. Here she reveals her upcoming projects and hobbies. 

What are you currently working on?     

I just got done with Couture Fashion week, Currently working on Vogue Wedding show and I have a jewelry campaign next month. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Golgappe ( grins) 

What is the advice you would want to give to aspiring models?

Find the right modeling agency. It’s very important to have a good manager who understands what works best for you. Learn to embrace rejection. Don’t base your self- worth on appearance or anybody else approval of you. Be confident and comfortable with yourself. 

What are your thoughts on fame? Do you get tired of it? Do you resent it? How do you navigate it? 

I always wanted success for myself. I wanted to support myself. I wanted to get a place where I could have creative freedom and start to have more power to shape my life. Fame is something that I deal with and learn about every day. I’ve had my up’s and down’s with it for sure because overall it’s definitely a learning process. I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it. I’ve learned to be honest with myself, celebrate myself, protect myself, be assertive with I need to be.

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