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Meet the stylish and elegant Fashion Blogger, Rohini Mehra!

Being an influencer, one must be chic and a trendsetter and Rohini Mehra personifies that in all ways. A lady who is fabulous when it comes to fashion. Rohini Mehra has a great sense of fashion, and she knows what will look good on her and how to carry it off. She doesn't feel the need to embrace all the trends nor is she afraid to pull off powerful fashion statements.

Rohini Mehra gives an exact definition to the younger generation on how to look fabulous and how a girl should move with confidence. She feels style is about comfort and if you go with confidence, one can make a strong statement with their own style. She believes mixing things like clothing and accessories the right way enhances your fashion sense

Rohini Mehra comes from a background wherein looking stylish is of prime importance. Her Father in Law was the late Director Prakash Mehra who directed the first super hit movie of Amitabh Bachchan, Zanjeer. Her social circle was filled with people from the B-Town and as she got to know them better, she understood their need for making bolder fashion statements. She could have very well succumbed to the pressure of her social circle but, she had her own plans. Rohini being a dreamer wanted to create her own path.

Rohini uses technology just the right way and understands platforms like Instagram and Facebook well. She knows that these platforms are the medium to create an image as an influencer. She believes if one has the right sense of fashion and post things at the right time, popularity and fame will knock at your doorstep and brands would want to collaborate with you.

Many top names of B-town and overseas who are doing good in their field are following her fashion trends. Rohini has gained popularity on social media platforms over the past few years. @_fashionismyreligion is the account wherein she posts her new fashion trends regularly, her fans absolutely love her trends. 

Rohini Mehra's tips on various outfits are working exceptionally well, and she started an exclusive vlog for men called "What Women Want". She has collaborated with top brands like Cetaphil, Al Seef hotel Dubai, Aquamarine Sailing Club, Yazu Mumbai, Taj Santacruz and many more. 

Rohini has started her own label called FMR THE STUDIO, an exclusive label that caters to women across age groups with a huge variety of Western, Ethnic and Fusion Indian Wear. 

Many celebrities are a part of her clientele, one of them is Mouni Roy who regularly wears outfits designed by Rohini Mehra. During a recent interaction, Mouni said “I absolutely love Ro’s outfits. Love her style, the way she experiments, material & fit. What makes her outfits lovelier is the beautiful person she is inside out. Pretty woman makes the prettiest outfits. Absolutely love em.”

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