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Meet the upcoming creator and entrepreneur, Sahil Abdullah popularly known as ‘Sahilz’

Being a good storyteller is an important part of creating memorable material. Creating content along with developing a firm is no easy task, but for Sahil Abdullah, a creator, entrepreneur and digital marketer  everything seems to be easy. 

A person with multiple skills is blessed in disguise, Sahil's journey starts when he was in elementary school. Since school days, he had a strong interest in the internet and technology. Trying hands-on digital marketing, began his facebook career by developing celebrity fan pages. And made every effort to increase the page's visibility and interaction to reach more people on Facebook.  

With his efforts to expand the websites, he learned tactics and best practices. He came up with some ideas and gained a better understanding of social media algorithms and user preferences. The pages also gained more views and followers in a short period of time.

Talking about the same he says, “Those were cutting-edge moments, and I started selling my pages to others, which reminded me of the market for high-reach pages.”

Soon, he was recognised by public figures and started working for them. Started paid marketing for them and managed over 100 pages of celebrities and known names. And this was a kick start to his career.

Being experienced in marketing he wrote 60 articles for Wikipedia and IMDb and created privileges for him on each platform. 

As digital marketing grows rapidly in this world across all age groups, Sahil being blessed with entrepreneurial skill, he founded his own venture ‘T Fatkor’, a digital and influencer marketing company based in India. The firm aims to build an interactive forum between trusted brands and influencers/talent. And they have now signed over 22 influencers and actors.

After trying Online marketing and becoming successful, started his own Youtube channel ‘Sahilz’ in 2019. Hailing from Kerala, he shares amusing and story-telling videos in Malayalam on his channel. Becoming Kerala's fastest-growing YouTubers and creators.

His first kite-making video was well-received on YouTube, with over 4 lakh views. The channel has now amassed a following of 11.4k subscribers.

Sahil has been a great influence on a lot of people and many people dream to become like him.

With so much talent, he is unstoppable and works day and night to achieve more in his life.

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