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Meet Vandankumar Bhadani: Surat-based Entrepreneur helping to fight against fake news withTrishul News

Vandankumar Bhadani who comes from Surat is a 26-year-old entrepreneur. He completed his education in Bachelors of computer application and also Postgraduate diploma in Journalism and is now a Journalist who is helping to fight against Propaganda and fake news by his Start-up Trishul News.

The path as a Journalist has been very extensive for Vandankumar Bhadani. There has been a lot of dynamicity in his career overtime to get him to this point and start his News Agency – Trishul News.

The youngsters of Vandankumar Bhadani 's age are busy enjoying parties; he is living by his dreams for bright coming days for himself and the nation. Today, Vandankumar Bhadani is a leading name in Media Industry and is often called as ‘Media King’.

At present, Trishul News has more than 9 million readers per month in 60 countries of the world including Gujarat and India. Talk about the social presence on Facebook, there are more than five lakh followers on the Facebook page.

The main objective of trishulnews.com is to deliver news that creates an impact on society rather than delivering content that does not add value to the viewers.

Vandankumar Bhadani- the owner of trishulnews.com generated revenue of 30000 $ and has set an example of using social media platforms in a vigorous way to spread positive news and make the audience aware of fake news.
With an increase in digital news consumption, it has become increasingly important to remove the fake news and negativity surrounding it and Trishul News has contributed to doing the same.

Mr. Bhadani is very much conscious about his health and fitness so he regularly does gymming to stay fit and keeps his body in shape.

Truly Vandankumar Bhadani is a source of inspiration for the youth of our nation who want to pursue their career in the desired field. The way he is hustling his day and night for his dreams to fight against Propaganda and fake news by his Startup Trishul News is something idol for all youngsters world-wide.

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