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Meet young and famous car collector of India, Partha Khanolkar

Some are born to taste all the luxury made by humans in this world. Very few can live a life like that. We always imagine what it would be living in paradise. Well, some people have made heaven on earth by purchasing all the luxuries to live life like Partha. 

Partha Khanolkar is influencing, motivating & inspiring many people with his lavish lifestyle, he is true Automobile influencer of India. He has all the top exotic machines in his garage Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce to range rover, G63 and many more. Partha is also a watch lover. His every watch is a unique piece in India. As we are talking about the lavish lifestyle, Partha is living a dream life with all the luxuries you could possibly think of. He is making a strong statement with his lifestyle that if you work hard you can get anything you want in your life.

Partha Khanolkar’s lifestyle is an inspiration for many. It is not like he gets it all from his family. He is earning his way by working in the medical field from the past 11 years. Who said only Arab Sheikhs live a Lavish lifestyle? Come see Partha Khanolkar & you will know that young Indians are at par with the royalty. 

Partha is very popular on his social media accounts due to his regular posts; he is a perfect influencer in terms of lifestyle. He is very down to earth person, even after achieving so much in life. He replies to all of his fans on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pk_hedonist/) and all.

According to sources, we may see his cars in movies too as many directors and producers are contacting him for his cars. If Partha Khanolkar gives his dream cars to our B-town for the films, then it would be a great gift to our Bollywood movie lovers as we will be able to see top cars as we see in Hollywood movies.

We wish that Partha Khanolkar keeps on purchasing more exotic machines & watches and bring them to India. So that our Indians too can say we have all the top cars and watches of the world in India.

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