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MemeChat – An App Which Literally PAYS You For Creating Memes

The best way to relieve stress in today’s time is probably memes. Yes, you read that right. Right from school kids to teenagers to adults, memes have made way for everyone depending on people's age. Well, some people like to scroll through memes while some like to create them. There’s some good news for the ones who make memes. MemeChat, an app that is gaining a lot of growth since the last few months. The app is completely free from ads and the best thing about it is you get paid for creating some fun stuff on social media.

It all started from a meme page four years back. ‘SIS’, known as ‘Shit Indians Say’ has combined followers of 1.5M+ people and now it has converted into a social media platform called MemeChat which was founded by Kyle Fernandes and Taaran Chanana. Both are 21 now and have gained a lot of popularity on digital platforms. The viral memes like Bolna Aunty Aau Kya, Kamlesh, Deepak Kalal, JCB and Mature Guy, and recently the Lagan Pal (Paragliding Guy) trends were started from this page and app.

Speaking about the growing popularity of MemeChat, the 21-year old founders said, “Say whatever you want to, but memes are here to stay. Speaking from experience, one thing that has been constant is the relatability. As long as anything is relatable, it’ll go viral. But being in a business & corporate-driven environment, most platforms have turned into propaganda media or just full of ads, which to be honest sucks. With MemeChat, we remove all these things in order to promote one thing - quality content.”

The best thing about this app is that the users get rewards through memes. A user can make a meme using a template which the app partners with various web-series and movies for promotional purposes. Moreover, every day there’s a ’Happy Hour’ event on the app at any random time where users can earn money for uploading memes. With having more than 150K users across the globe, the app has till now rewarded more than Rs 2 lakh to its users. MemeChat just doesn't make people laugh but also fills in their pockets. The popular app has a team of 11 moderators who control and regulate the app’s content. With more than 10,000 memes submitted in a single day, only 40% of them manage to make it to the main feed. This is how they maintain the quality of their content.

The future of this hilarious app looks really bright as it has become an official partner with OTT platforms like Hotstar, ALT Balaji, Amazon Prime among others. They also plan to introduce videos and hit a million users in the coming time. So all the memers, if you want to earn money and meet people who are as funny as you, download MemeChat app from Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively.

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