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Met Gala 2023: Was the carpet woven by artisans from Kerala, India?

Met Gala 2023

The first Monday of May is for the Met Gala and which means our phones have got full of beautiful looks that have got everyone talking. From Alia Bhatt’s look to Priyanka and Nick Jiju’s (Pun Intended) look to the cockroach’s debut, everyone who marked their presence was talked about all around the world. The stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City surely did witness a lot of glamour. 


However, let us make you notice something that was ignored: The Met Gala Carpet. You are going to be surprised when we will tell you that the carpet was designed by an Indian homegrown brand. Well, the neutral-coloured carpet at the Met Gala which had swirls of red and blue was woven by artisans from Kerala and was designed by Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect. Neyatt by Extraweave, a Kerala-based brand took the task of turning Ando’s dream into reality. The local artists took around 60 days to make the carpets and used approx 58 rolls of carpet. The Met Carpet was made using sisal fibres and was then painted by designers in the United States. 


Neytt by Extraweave is a luxury design house led by Sivan Santhosh and Nimisha Srinivas. The brand based in Alappuzha, Kerala deals in rugs and carpets. Team Neytt by Extraweave took to their Instagram stories to share this marvellous achievement. Honestly, it is great to see Indian talent reach global heights, cannot wait to see what more achievement our nation unlocks. 

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