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MICHAEL NABATI - A man who transfigured yearning into actuality for many

People with good and gentle intentions are often acknowledged as one of the successful souls on earth. It's not always about money because social work makes you even more admirable.

Michael Nabati is a real estate finance specialist and the founder of "MostCap" ( a real estate company), from California. He began with his finance industry in around 2010 from the absolute rock bottom of the recession. Times were tough then and homeowners were facing a struggle in getting qualified to lower their payments and save their homes. He's ready to help nature made him serve the society in the best way he can.

He kicks to start, After working as an independent affiliate under different attorneys and brokers then he decided to start his own company "MostCap". MostCap is a direct result of the various needs and services he has been able to provide over the years all under one roof. They provide all sorts of Commercial and Residential refinance Construction (home improvement), and many other related services.

According to him technology is ruling all over and is the foundation for successful future along with wisdom and Hardwork. After spending nearly a decade in the industry he has learned the core principles to being successful, many times the hard way, which are: Organization, Excellent Customer Service etc. 

 MostCap is becoming the biggest mortgage company in California because of the emphasis on customer service. This man has a lot to teach and make us understand the real essence of social work with pure intentions thus, we wish him Good luck for his future.

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