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Miko Beauty elects Model & Actress Amanda Van Annan as Senior Vice President & Brand Ambassador

Los Angeles CA, Beverly Hills brand Miko Beauty Founded by Dr.Michael K. Obeng a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and NIH awarded scientist has just announced its appointment of model, actress and beauty expert Amanda Van Annan as its  Senior Vice President.

Amanda van Annan, an MBA  graduate, philanthropist and niece to the former  Secretary-General to the United Nations Koffi Annan. Says she is excited about this new appointment and is looking forward to taking the company into a new direction with her ideas for new innovative products that will be a one of a kind in the beauty industry.

Ms. Van Annan stated that just like Korean Beauty, she plans on introducing  African Beauty or "A-Beauty" as she calls it.  A-Beauty will include new products that are natural, green, and made from African herb formulas that have been passed down through centuries through the African oral tradition.

"We have several ancient remedies in Africa that are under the radar worldwide cause they have not gone through rigorous research.  At Miko Beauty, Dr. Obengs new laboratory,  Miko Pharma based in Accra, Ghana will be analyzing these herbs, and we will be developing new skincare formulations, based around ancient natural African herb formulas that are effective and give lasting results.

At the moment, Miko beauty sells four unique products, two of which are ingestible; a collagen drink and a one-shot vitamin supplement, as well as two types of face masks for the skin.  Ms. Van Annan is hoping to expand into new territories and looks forward to bringing the Miko Beauty brand to India.  

How does a model become a Senior Vice President, I ask? "Well, this model has been spending her time studying and has started several businesses," she replies. Including her successful company DNA HAIR (one of the most significant Hair Extension and wig companies in the UK before she sold it in 2009) and also runs her production company Great Light Entertainment LLC  based in Beverly Hills.

Amanda says, "Miko Beauty is a brand to watch out for; We work with some of the best people in the business.  Our Publicist and branding director Mandi Lebbos of Love PR group has been helpful; she has helped launch brands like John Frieda,  this has given us much insight and we are excited with the launch of our four new products. I believe we may even be thinking of retailing in the Indian market soon."

"Indian women love their skincare and take good care of their skin, so there is a market here for sure."   As if that's not all Ms. Annan is set to Launch a Miko Beauty Model Search for 2020 with applications launching the third quarter of 2020.    Get to the Miko Beauty site, and you never know you may be the new face of Miko Beauty.  That said,  let's see what this model turns to next, as everything, she touches turn to gold.

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