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Mirror gave wings to the new influencer Prarbdha Batwal

At present Prarbdha Batwal is one of the famous reels stars. After baned TikTok, he gave his full efforts on Instagram and on youtube albums. He achieved a 1.2M fan following on TikTok but like all, we know TikTok is banned so now he is famous for his mirror reels, and the crowd of youngsters is very crazy for his mirror reels.

Mirror reels gave him a solid base in his starting career, as he regularly uploads his videos on mirror reels. So, Through Mirror he achieves name and fame. Recently his mirror reels achieve more than one crores views on Instagram. His talent for mirrors is very popular, youngsters watch and like his videos, as well as many youngsters, follow his style.

At present Prarbdha Batwal is one of the most popular social media influencers. Prarbdha Batwal has over 533K followers on Instagram as of April 24, 2021. Prarbdha joined Instagram on July 9, 2017. Recently his three music song albums released on youtube and achieved so many views.

He was born on April 24, 2004, at Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. His parents belong to Mandsaur MP, and they are fully supported by their son to be an actor. In his starting career, he struggled a lot and many times faces financial crises because his family not much stronger financially and besides his parents, another family member was not supportive to him but now he is in really good time, he worked on many albums, web series and his many upcoming projects are in pipeline.

He is really very thankful for his friend and elder brother Satyam Kulshrestha to support his career and presently Satyam is managing his work. Satyam Kulshrestha is a well-known director, lyricist, and "Famous youngest environmentalist of Uttar Pradesh".

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