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Mirza Muhammad Shakeel an effective communicator and a host want to reach to the stars in this field

Hosting guest shows and events is a big career. The hosts are no less than celebrities and one such man who is a star host in the making is none other than the UAE born young man called Mirza Muhammad Shakeel. He was born in 16th August 1986 in the Middle East and was brought up in UAE, Pakistan and the UK. He learnt many things from life particularly his father to whom he calls as his mentor. Completing his graduation in Economics and Sociology, he always was has remained an effective communicator. His cool style of talking and language has helped him win friends and influence people.

Soon, he headed to try something in hosting different shows made of his own using platforms like Tik Tok. Today, he has emerged as the top host for different guests in the Middle East, going for not less than 30 different shows all together. Currently engaged as an Executive Administration at Gulf Medical University Ajman, UAE, he has already impressed the local government with his skill sets. He has got accreditation from the UAE Education Minister, which speaks a lot about his hosting skills.

Living in Pakistan and the UK has given him the chance to work with big media houses to host a few shows. He worked with FM Sunrise Pakistan and Manchester Asian Radio, UK. In the UK, he got the opportunity to work for a guest show on BBC, Lancashire, UK. This speaks to his expertise and experience in handling different shows. With his diligence and skill sets he aspires to host grand events like IPL. Being focused in his life and skill sets, he knows his destination and thus leaves no stone to add more edge to his personality and dexterity. He intends to go a long way in this field, let’s hope to see him soon hosting the top shows.

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