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Modelling cops founder Aman Azad launch mega unofficial PUBG tournament in Dubai named Modelling Cops survivor series 1.0

Video games have been around for decades, providing leisure for children and adults alike. As technology continues to advance, so do video games. The video game sector is massively large. In fact, it is larger than the movie and music industry collective, and it is only growing. Though it doesn't get the same consideration that the movie and music industry does, there are over two billion gamers across the world. That is 26% of the world's population. The gaming world is flush with change that industry folk have to pay attention to. Gaming fans in Dubai are in for a treat as Mr. Aman Azad’s dream venture Modelling cops is all set to enter the gaming world through its mega PUBG unofficial gaming tournament, created to support all areas of gaming and eSports industry growth, announced their unofficial tournament with a prize pool of more than 150,000 USD with the name of Modelling Cops survivor series 1.0 shocking the industry with a blow.

One of the leading Esports solution provider in Asia, it is helping in attracting pro gamers and casual fans across the globe. The idea behind Modelling Cops is to generate compelling content for different networks of channels. Their ultimate motto as they say is ‘your dreams, your way.’ The company was first established in 2018 and eventually moved its niche completely to Esports in 2020. The company has gained a lot of fame in the past year and is mostly famous amongst the younger crowd and experienced gamers.

The investment in this tournament is whooping 3,50,000 USD, out of which price pool is around 1,50,000 USD. The event will be organized in one of the world’s biggest events venue named Coca-Cola arena in Dubai. PUB G gaming lovers from around the world are all set to gather under one roof to make this event a huge success. Taking things to the next level, the PUBG Tour’s Dubai chapter has 25000 teams registered with 17000 live viewers in Coca Cola arena featuring some of the top PUBG Mobile clans.

Mr. Aman Azad, Founder says, “Operating your own business means that you can give customers what you believe to be the best products and services. I also am repeatedly motivated by desire and a sheer refusal to quit. Seeing positive and appreciative reactions from your customers based on what you provide them can be incredibly motivating especially. Modeling cops is a dream come true. It took my dedication and time to execute and finally come with the idea of launching a platform that engages people from all over the globe. The game is all set to get launched in Dubai. The registration started on 15th May ’21. The head finale will be held in Dubai, it is going to be a huge affair.

The series is an unofficial PUBG mobile event in the history of Esports earlier arranged to amongst the countries including South Asia, Middle East, and South-East; however, later considered the presence of India in the tournament. They strategically move their ideas through real-time engagement with the audiences. The company’s priority is to bring opportunities to all amazing gamers by providing them with a platform to grind and sharpen their skills daily helping them to participate in bigger tournaments. Not just YouTube but they have a huge following on Instagram and people are excited to finally see some gaming action sooner and definitely, the finale is going to be the best experience for many participating. Modeling Cops’ vision is to represent India under top Gaming organizations of the world.

Mr. Azad further adds, “With an aim to open the first Esports and gaming institute in India, are in talks with the government, world-famous tech giants, content creators, players and coaches. The institute will be equipped with the world’s finest products and facilities and will cater to highly trained and qualified faculty. The institute will help in changing the face of gaming industry and a dream comes true for generations and generations to come.”

The event is getting a tremendous response since the first day of registration. This event will attract energetic and competitive gamers from across the globe. The community of the gamers will comprise of young and talented gamers. Modeling Cops are also planning to extend their hand through other major platforms for the gamers to help them prove their talent to the maximum number of people. Their YouTube views and subscribers are flooding every single day before the event finally takes place. Modeling Cops is working with a dream to host the biggest third-party unofficial tournament in the history of PUBG mobile Esports and to open a grand centre in Europe by 2022.

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