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Modesto: The company that makes your car more appealing with their premium accessories

If someone is a car enthusiast then they definitely understand how much it hurts when the car even gets the slightest of dirt or a scratch. Every car lover gives their best to ensure that their vehicle has the best coatings, best gears and that everything is perfect. Accessories no doubt give cars a luxurious and better look and also help the interiors beautifully match to the exteriors. However, when it comes to purchasing accessories, one should go to a trusted professional who not only makes a person’s car more appealing but also provides them with the best suggestions and a wide range of products. One such company is Modesto, which is one of the premium car accessories manufacturers and suppliers. 


One of the pioneers in the car manufacturing and supplying industry, Modesto has a state-of-the-art production facility located in a sprawling area of 30,000 square feet. Their wide range of offerings includes car mats and door visors. Each of these accessories is made with a high-tech, imported foreign-cutting system which is installed in their infrastructure. These tools enable them to cut precise, accurate designs from the fabric while also minimising fabric waste which ultimately gives customers unique designs and also the environment has less waste. All this leads to Modesto delivering finished products to clients with a shorter lead time.


The company has left no stone unturned when it comes to incorporating the best of the available technologies. Due to this, even when the team is dealing with thickly layered foam and fabric, as well as when creating beautiful patterns on the cloth, they are able to preserve proper stitch lengths without any difficulties. This is possible because they use sewing equipment imported from Japan that has a single needle made of a heavy-duty compound material. Additionally, Modesto also has Japanese single-needle lock stitch equipment that is perfect for light-duty applications. The great infrastructure and world-class equipment are definitely a big reason why Modesto’s products stand out in the market but another significant reason is their team of experienced professionals. From qualified cutting operators to pattern makers to skilled tailors to production managers to R&D personnel to warehousing agents and sales-marketing executives, everyone has major contributions in providing customers with 100 per cent satisfaction.


Modesto keeps upgrading their range of products, at present, they have a selection of PVC car mats, 7D premium mats, tray mats, imported grass mats and even door visors. The unique machinery used for PVC car mats and door visors are injection moulding machines, the one which is used for making compound for PVC mats and door visors is extrusions and palletizing machine and lastly, machinery used for tray mats is conveyors and power press. To keep up with trends and new market requirements, the team under the guidance of Aman Singhal puts in all their efforts. Moreover, the team has weekly meetings with all employees so that they can welcome new ideas, consider their suggestions and opinions which will ultimately assist in quality improvement. In addition to this, when it comes to quality, they never sacrifice, thus, every raw material is produced by Modesto itself. At present they are supplying their products pan India and now in the upcoming time, they aim at expanding their horizons even further. 


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