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Mohd Zubair Ali of Hyderabad food diaries is the most loved food blogger of his city

Mohd. Zubair Ali popularly known as Mr.HFD is a well-known name in the F&B industry of Hyderabad. Not only the newbies but also the established outlets look forward to his visits.

Going by how he defines his own journey, what he does today was something he never planned for, his love for food was known by many but he never thought he would be referred as a Gourmet King one day.

Mohd. Zubair recalls his old days when he was still working as an intern in a hotel kitchen, that is where this dream was born, to make a name for himself and to get recognition for his homeland on an international platform. And gladly he has done it all today, Hyderabad’s F&B industry is synonym with Mohd. Zubair Ali. Before starting his handle Hyderabad. Food. Diaries, he was only a food enthusiast which he still is. He loved exploring new places and varied cuisines. It was during one of those days only when he decided to take his passion on Instagram platform and HFD was born. Zubair decided to follow the unconventional career of being a food blogger much before it became a trend and since then have been grooming the budding bloggers for them to make a name in this industry, he is one of those people whom we can call a true influencer.

As quoted by Zubair, the world of food blogging is not as fancy as it appears to be and requires a lot of patience along with dedication. People might find it fancy, going out, clicking pictures and eating food but only us bloggers understand what actually goes behind all this. Zubair always tries to keep his work as raw as possible so that people can actually understand it better, he also keeps on sharing the BTS of his food sessions on his Instagram handle Hyderabad. Food. diaries, as he considers the platform to be the most powerful one. 

He believes in sharing what he has learnt and is always ahead in grooming new talents. Zubair has been firm on his principles and still believes in having a clean community free of hatred, people who empower each other. He has always worked towards making Hyderabad food bloggers community shine bright and in a way has been a trendsetter. Not only the other bloggers he works with on a daily basis but also his followers believe in him and his work. He considers himself lucky to have met so many people on this platform of social media who were earlier strangers to him but now have turned into confidants.

It is only due to his ever-pleasing personality that people find him approachable and even able to share their darkest secrets, a trend which he started on his social media handle, which now has turned out to be a medium for people to talk to him without the fear of being judged. 

HFD is a true influencer who has touched many lives not only with his work but also with his humanitarian approach, which itself is huge and deserves a story of its own. Attachments area

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