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Mohit Gupta, MCX Commodity Trader, Discusses the path to successful trading

The stock market is notorious for coming down on its players with huge losses. However, the same stock market which might make someone lose their house also blesses some with a new adobe.

Mohit Gupta is one of those blessed ones. But do not mistake his blessing as a stroke of luck. It was his persistence and determination that made him a stock market genius.

The journey of this genius starts more than half a decade ago in 2014, when he took out a loan for 1 Lakh Rupees after completing his schooling - to start trading in the stock market. Experience comes from highs and lows and his learning started early - 2 days into trading to be more precise. Within two days he crashed with a loss of 40,000 Rupees and knew enough despair to make him consider quitting.

However, he rallied once again, picked himself off the ground and navigated his way to a sizeable profit. By the end of 2014, he had managed to pay off the loan he took out earlier in the year.

After clearing the debt, he focused on learning the in and outs of the stock market so that he wouldn’t have to go through turbulent times again. After educating himself, he coined his tagline - “Analysis is my first priority” and took to educating others via social media platforms. Now he has over 500 students from all over India learning under him.

In 2016, he started the construction on his dream home and dipped his toes in big capital trading. Again he came across a bumpy road. This helped him polish up his vision even more and made him an unstoppable force.

In 2018, after his house was complete, he set his sights on the next big thing and bought his dream car on his own and quickly added a bike into his roster of vehicles.

Mohit Gupta is a wayfarer and undertook the iconic Leh Ladakh road trip in 2019. He did so after making a stable ground himself and fulfilling all his physiological needs.

Making money enough to fulfil the basic needs - according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs - is very easy, anyone can do that with a little effort.

Mohit knew his potential and with his knowledge and persistence has managed to enter the echelon where he can make his choices freely.
Smart investments have enabled him financial freedom, where he isn’t bound by prices to make choices, he can make choices based on where his heart is set.

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