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Monis Khan: A deserved dreamer accomplishing his reality

The journey of Monis Khan is one such that acts as an inspiration not just for himself but for many around. Covering the journey from Delhi to Mumbai, trying on every bit of his best, he does deserve that dreams do come true and to be excited for the same.

He began with daily soaps like Savdhaan India,  crime alert, crime stories, and finally came all the way towards Bollywood. As of today, he has worked up with some well-known and respected members of Bollywood like Siddharth Bhardwaj, Freddy Daruwala etc. Karma Consequence, the name of the upcoming movie, is one such project which he totally deserved, which is already in talks with some OTT platforms for its release. In his words, the movie has provided him with a prominent role as a second lead. He does seem to be quite excited about it after all; getting into the character's skin does demand a lot. It brings out a lot of hard work, and especially when the role is totally opposite to a life one lives, it does deserve a shoutout.

No task is easy. It is the amount of hard work and dedication, and the idea of overcoming the challenge that brings out the best and in the words of Monis, “Preparing for the role was not an easy task. I truly understand that I have worked as a part of TV, commercial ads, my feature film ORIO and others, but for the Karma Consequence, it was totally different. The character I had and the character I had to be, there was a complete mismatch, but all I wanted was to try and tour sure that I can give my best from my end and guess what, I might take it as a challenge, and for the ones who saw me act, did appreciate a lot. The words mattered, and it will always do. Every bit of the appreciation made me what I am, and it will continue along to perform better, trying to challenge myself every day.” Well, that definitely was quite promising. The way it has been described for one of the characters, the fans would truly love to watch Monis on screen.

Every role is a prominent role if one considers the value of their dream and wants to take a step towards fulfilling the same. It is never easy, and it never would be but lagging behind, this doesn't count. It cannot be taken as a part of a leap as for a dreamer, they await the opportunity and catch along with the same, doing every possible thing to bring out best from their end, and that's what Monis does. Trying to bring out the best towards the choice he made for a life, he acts as an inspiration for many around. His work has been appreciated, and it will always continue to be so; as for the hard work he puts in trying to catch up with the character’s role, it’s highly motivating. So all we got to do is wait and see one amazing work of a hardworking soul, again.

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