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Moving at an expeditious pace to the top of the music domain is Lokesh Latta aka Bramha

What makes him stand out? It's his unique style, rarely seen in the present breed of music talents.

Hundreds come knocking doors, wanting to have their share of space, their own slice of stardom in the sizably voluminous world of music, which exudes extreme competitive environment, where it's all about survival predicated on sheer aptitude. No matter how good you are in your art, there's always someone else having an edge, which makes you fall off the track before you know it. Out of the astronomical numbers endeavoring to mark their presence, only a few reach the cessation spot and enter the realm which transmutes their lives 360 degrees. Today, we talk about the privileged few who've managed to get past the iron gates predicated on their relentless work and pristine aptitude, which has pushed them an inch more closer to stardom, Lokesh Latta, more popular as Bramha, being one of them.

Defying all odds, facing the gravest of challenges all throughout his peregrination, Lokesh has managed to leave his footprints where many seldom reach. Going way ahead in his music career as a songwriter, electronic musician, and record producer, he's done it on his own, reaching where he deserved to be. All of 28, and ready to take on the industry, he's got people take notice of him, boosting the possibilities of him striking the right targets which can get him to top the game. When was the point of realization that music was soul for him, we ask, "the journey dates back to my higher educative years, though playing different musical instruments as a child had already got me proximate to this craft." We learn that his source of inspiration has been Indian old folk rhythms and sounds that makes an impeccable blend for engendering music with a distinct tinge. Folk music with bass integrates up to a prodigiously impressive outcome, says Lokesh.

He's already surmounted halfway with his creations getting appreciated by a wide audience base. The biggest confidence booster for him has been the success of his first commercial single 'Banna Re', which crossed more than one million plays on Spotify Editorials and Turban Trap, reserving his spot at the top. Followed by his next Hairat and Dooriyan, which got him recognition. Today, this music creator drives and speeds up the momentum by giving music that spells magic. There's much more to come from this powerhouse in the near future. Stay tuned.

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