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Multipotentialite Prashant Sharma marks strong footprint in entrepreneurial world

In order to grow the economy, create jobs, improve people's quality of life, and respond to changing societal requirements, entrepreneurship is essential. The development of new and existing businesses, the creation of commodities that benefit local communities, and changes that improve customer experiences can all be aided by innovative entrepreneurship. Given that innovation is one of the most significant elements of operating a successful organisation, it is critical to comprehend what it entails. Prashant Sharma is one such individual who has been a trailblazer in the field of entrepreneurship.


In the year 2012, the first generation entrepreneur Prashant Sharma started his entrepreneurial journey with a humble trading business. At present, he is the Co-Founder and Chairman of multiple companies. There he demonstrated strong relationships with clients, business development, marketing strategies and much more. The business leader is accomplished with extensive experience in international business development, startups and turnarounds, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Prashant Sharma possesses a style of management that is a blend of enthusiasm and dynamism through which he has always been able to focus on people’s strengths and brings out the best in them.


Entrepreneur Prashant Sharma now has a career of more than 16 years and before being self-employed he worked in many firms and added value thereby making them reach heights of success. He held several leading positions with NIIT, TATA, Telecom, HCL Ltd, AVIVA India and First Source Solution Ltd. After that he built his business to scale in both traditional as well as emerging markets that are digital. The reason Prashant has been acing all the fields is because of his passionate side of course but more importantly, it is the quality education and guidance he took. He did his Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University, then, later on, did a Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Sikkim Manipal University, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications and also one in Advance Software Design and Development from C-Dac in year 2004. In addition to all this, Prashant has also earned various milestones in Business Excellence and into quality. Each and every time Prashant gave in his 100 per cent in everything he did.


While talking about his journey and his work, Prashant Sharma says, “The ulterior motive which I carry in my heart is to revolutionise the entrepreneurial domain. For that, I have been working hard to make my companies reach great heights. In addition to all this, I also work in order to try and make this society a better place. In no time we plan on expanding the company’s horizon and making an international presence as well.”


Being an entrepreneur in today's fiercely competitive environment is not simple. one needs to have a firm grasp on the issue at hand, innovate, and have a rock-solid plan and over the course of time Prashant Sharma has dealt with everything. Change is a necessary part of life, and since the market is changing quickly, an entrepreneur needs to be prepared to adjust. Owing to the same, Prashant Sharma has been doing everything possible to keep up with the evolving dynamics and provide their consumer base with the best of what the industry has to offer.


With being an entrepreneur, Prashant Sharma is also a writer, investor, a philanthropist and also has been a great mentor to many in need. Prashant Sharma's extraordinary business acumen allowed his companies to soar to heights beyond anyone else's dreams. He can't be stopped, as his ultimate goal is to elevate the brand internationally. Prashant has been steadfast in pursuing his aim from the start since he understood that his hard work would improve the world rather than just benefit him.

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