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Musician Mihir Chandan is the first in the world to perform and curate the Handpan Music Experience on a Yacht

Did you know that there are more than 1,500 musical instruments in the world? And yet, we can’t keep calm while talking about the most enchanting one: Handpan!  also known as “Hang Drum”. As much as this musical instrument is unique, so are its partakers. And Mihir Chandan is that one ace Handpan player whom people can’t stop lauding.


Being India's one of the best Handpan players, Mihir Chandan loves to take his performance a level higher. He has done numerous Handpan events, but his "Handpan Musical Experience on a Yacht" is the only type in the world. The event starts from the Gateway of India, Mumbai, and happens in the Arabian Sea on a yacht (of course!).


Soul purification through mediation and sound healing is the primary why and wherefores of this event. Besides Mihir Chandan and his Handpan, the sessions consist of Sound Healing and Guided Meditation. The adept musician has created a soothing vibe every time during the Handpan Musical Experience on the Yacht session. Mihir Chandan usually ends the Yacht Sessions event with melodious tunes leaving people spellbound and in a state of trance.


Speaking of which, Mihir Chandan says, "This event is pure rapture. I, too, love the aura that is created by fusing melodious tunes and meditation. Experiencing Handpan Music on Yacht will add to your days of wine and roses. Furthermore, I feel elated and blessed by the warmth that people show towards my art.

Simply put this is where people get an unprecedented, unparalleled experience of meditation in between the Sea."


Here’s what other people have to say:-


Nicole Concessão says, “We attended the Full Moon Yacht sessions and were awe-struck with the flair & artistry of Mihir. He is a star in the making”.

Sonal Devraj says, “The sounds of the handpan just sent me in a state of trance, impressive power-packed performance from Mihir Chandan”.

Priyal Gor says, “Never experienced a Handpan in my life and it was truly a blissful experience”.

Abhinav Bharti says, “Mihir is just a phenomenal talent, just knows how to get the audience to tap their feet and groove”.

Garima Goel says, “Sound healing and handpan sessions on the yacht were otherworldly and mesmerizing”


Mihir Chandan is the man who is defining the Handpan in a very unprecedented way, especially in the context of Indian music. His proficiency was also noticed on world-famous singer and songwriter Monolink's recent India tour. Mihir Chandan performed the opening act for this international artist and drove almost 3000 to 4000 people nuts.


Besides playing the Handpan, Mihir Chandan is also well versed in playing other instruments like the Rav, Guda, Drums, Djembe, Goblet, Cajon, Live Looping, Tabla, Synth Keyboard, and other Percussion instruments. The musician also performs at various other events and also runs a YouTube channel. You can take the delight in Mihir Chandan's mastery through these videos, Instagram reels, and of course, his events.


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