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Musk changed the Twitter logo 2 times in just 3 days

3 days didn’t even go by, the famous Blue Bird of Twitter was again altered by Elon Musk. Yesterday Musk replaced Twitter's X logo with the one that has slightly thicker lines. By doing this, he follows through the major rebranding of the brand. Doge Designers launched the new logo by sharing a video with “sexy,” written in its caption on Twitter. Musk, the ambiguous CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter once again surprised the cybernauts with his mysterious move and claimed that this logo will evolve with time. The new logo is a combination of white lines X with the backdrop of pitch black. Just after the launch, the logo starts reflecting on the web and mobile versions of the microblogging site. 


The logo is replaced by Musk’s most loved alphabet X and the ‘tweet’ is now changed to Xweet. X.com which is a full-scale banking and investment service site is now getting you to Twitter.com, this is a step close to his ambition of setting up a ‘one-stop-shop’ app having the integrated features of a social media platform and payment apps similar to China’s WeChat app. The Blue Bird has been the identity of Twitter for over a decade and a very popular social media logo among netizens. X logo goes live later on 24 July. The business name of Twitter was already changed to X crop in October 2022. 


Musk bought Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion to accelerate his dream project creating X the Everything app. Since its buying of Twitter musk made so many changes in the platform from up to down. He was also criticised for many of his decisions, like earlier this month when he announced that there would be a limit on the number of per day tweets and in April this year, he temporarily changed the Twitter logo into a Dogecoin one. After this, marketers and users claimed that they gained profit from driving up Dogecoin value. 


Yesterday Musk posted a tweet in which he said “At any moment we said goodbye to all the birds and twitter brands. If a satisfactory X logo is posted tonight, we'll globally go live tomorrow.” His concept for X.com was monumental. He developed this as a one-stop everything-store for all monetary needs: loans, credit cards, digital purchases, investments, checking, and banking. Transactions would be handled immediately, with no waiting for payments to clear. His vision was that cash is simply an entry into a table, and he wanted to devise a way for all transactions to be secure and noted down instantly.

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