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Muzammil Mumtaz to be called as a silver lining for content writers

In the global pandemic 2020 covid 19 last year few people got unemployed there were people who just give up, on the other hand, few people prove their worth and hard work Among these there is one person name Muzammil Mumtaz who believed in himself in his talent made his own way.

"New startup with the new year" with this saying Muzammil is looking for young aspirant content writer .Yeas ..!!

He earned a lot of name and fame in digital media now providing opportunities for the content writer. He had made settled to many of the freelancers content writers.

Born and brought up in Bihar guy said social media play a vital role in the upcoming year that's the only source for the name and fame. No matter from which field uh are iPhone has good writing skills one should definitely try for freelance content writer .

Apart from this muzammil also do manage public relations planning for the launch of the venture

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