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Nav Brar is sure to leave you spellbound with her redefined makeup skills

For years, makeup artists existed purely behind the scenes of the beauty industry. Makeup is an integral part of fashion and with the steep growth in the consumption of beauty products, the specialized skills of the makeup artist to communicate style and image are only increasing. Creativity is your best makeup skill and can give you the confidence you need. A profound name, Nav Brar is a professional makeup artist who has combined elegance, a sense of timelessness and sophistication in her skills. Her passion and love for makeup has really got her far, even though she has completed her LLM Degree from the University of Bristol, UK. Her style of work and aesthetic embraces the transformative power of makeup, not just in the way people look, but the way people feel.

She believes the skin, being the most visible component of the face, requires maximum attention and hardly any over-emphasis.The ultimate goal of her signature look is to look good, enhancing the features of the person and look great with minimal effort.

She doesn’t believe in covering a face up, but rather enhancing its beauty. The focus is to accentuate - without covering anything up! Her mantra is simply respecting the woman’s beauty.

Each makeup and hair course in her academy are personally managed by her and has successfully managed to strike the right balance between skincare and makeup. Makeup artist Nav Brar’s artistry has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Her hard work and talent have gained an immense amount of respect in the beauty industry and her inspiration and teachings drive many of her students to develop their profiles and increase business. She has bagged quite a few accolades from the industry and has also been featured as a makeup & beauty expert on the cover of reputable magazines.

Makeup ignites a psychological transformation of both the wearer and the observer. She inspires people to embrace the beauty within. Nav Brar ’s artistry is not bound by traditional materials, styles, and conventions, but calls upon a wide range of techniques to create innovative effects. She is known for customizing looks and finding the right makeup for the right person.

There’s definitely no looking back for an artist like Nav Brar!

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