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Navjyot Gurudatta: Roadie turned Digital Entrepreneur

Navjyot Gurudatta, an MTV roadie fame turned Entrepreneur, aims to take celebrity management to another level through his start-up widely acknowledged as Fame Managers. Currently, the company is providing a platform to more than 137 celebrity and brand clients, worldwide.

With apprehension in online marketing, Navjyot strives to carefully use the unlimited power and looks forward to the tremendous growth and opportunity online marketing provides to the youngsters of India.

The 23-year-old young entrepreneur achieved recognition from a famous reality show MTV Roadies. His successful participation in ‘save the girl child’ task created a movement and awareness about the same agenda.

Talking about his experience in the show, Navjyot, said, “it's a survival show, it brings the worst out of you. That's the whole point. You can watch it for the entertainment value or you can watch it for the admirability of the perseverance shown by the contestants”.

By successfully utilizing his knowledge and experience in digital marketing, Navjot Gurudatta is also successfully running his family rice industry business. He says, “The most important part about the online business is being able to target the right audience. Once you know your target audience you can then leverage your influence to become an authority figure”.

Talking about his interests and passion, Navjyot told, that, at his early age he was so much inspired from Cristiano Ronaldo that it turned into his obsession with the player and football and as a result, he started playing football and played really hard to achieve something in sport. Later Navjyot was selected in the state team and he started playing for his state, he played a lot of tournaments and won a lot of trophies for his state. Which indeed gave a proud moment to his whole family.

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