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Neeraj Chopra makes History in Hungary by winning Gold for India

India’s Star athlete, Neeraj Chopra records his best throw at the World Athletics Championship 2023. The experienced Campaigner repeated his Tokyo Olympics masterclass in Hungary, recording his best throw of 88.17m, in his second attempt. With the help of Chopra’s Golden Arm, India secured their first-ever Gold Medal in the World Athletics Championship. Two other Indian Athletes, Kishore Jena and DP Manu competed in the Championship, alongside Chopra. Kishore Jena finished at the fifth Position, by throwing the javelin 84.77m away, which was his best throw yet. Whereas, Manu threw the Javelin at 84.14m away, earning him the sixth Position in the tournament. 


Chopra’s second attempt in which he recorded his best throw,  was just a few meters behind the foul line, which gave him an inch over the other athletes. The 25-year-old claimed another Medal in his tally, some of the major Medals being the Tokyo Olympics Gold (2022), the Asian Games gold in 2018, a Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games (2018), and the U-20 World Championships gold in 2016. With Chopra at first, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem secured the second spot and Czech’s Jakub Vadlejch claimed a bronze medal defeating Germany’s Julian Weber, putting him in fourth place.


The World saw another India-Pakistan clash at the tournament, where Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem recorded a throw of 87.82m in his third try. Although Neeraj had a lead still he was under pressure as the Pakistani athlete recorded a throw of 90.18m in the Bermingham CWG. The Indian Athlete kept his cool and recorded throws of 86.32m, 84.64m, and 87.73m in his last three attempts.  After winning the Championship Chopra said, “ In Big Tournaments like these, I am habitual of keeping myself under pressure and giving my best. I know it is my responsibility to perform well in every tournament, especially tournaments like these which come once every two or four years.” He further added, “Another thing that I add to my training schedule is visualization which helps me imagine the bigger picture and makes me mentally prepared for winning medals on the World stage”.


While Nadeem recorded an 87.17m throw in his fourth attempt and his fifth attempt resulted in a foul throw.  The Pakistani player was visibly under some pressure, which resulted in his throw being just 81.86m with him being just five feet away from the foul line. Chopra was quite comfortable with his last throw being 83.98m assuring him the First Place in the Championship. Keep in mind that Chopra’s first throw was a foul but he still managed to grab the gold. 


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