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Notable social activist and designer Vishali Kola's clothing brand redefines style by combining it with noble causes

We have heard the saying 'age is just a number' but rarely find people who stand with the quote to lead an unprecedented journey. Vishali Kola is a political enthusiast, ardent social activist, passionate designer, an entrepreneur, eloquent orator, and philanthropist who is also the founder of an NGO called Tejo Barath. Through her NGO, she aims at educating and empowering the society in regard to child sexual abuse through their “Safe India Happy India” campaign and “Safe Period and Happy Period” for women with the distribution of sanitary napkins. The initiative is directed to create awareness in rural and underprivileged girls about menstrual hygiene and the distribution of sanitary napkins.

A mother of two boys, Vishali Kola is a homemaker who has amazed the world with her dexterity and efforts that she takes in raising her voice for vital issues. She is a designer by passion. She indulges in recreating and redesigning beautiful Kalamkari masterpieces originally drawn by the expert Kalamkari artists of Srikalahasti. She says, “Kalamkari is originally painted by artists only. We as designers can only redo, retouch, recreate and redesign them adding more beauty”. She has worked with various designer stores for the past fourteen years. "I pursue all the work when I find time for myself only after prioritizing family first."

Having led her organization to educate over 30,000 children across the country about sexual abuse, Vishali has also honed her passion for designing with her clothing brand 'Vishalikola', the label for signature and custom made contemporary clothing of Kalamkari art has also amassed the experience of working with some familiar film personalities. The proceeds of the label are used towards funding her NGO. Fulfilling her dream vision, she wants to save each child from the menace of child sexual abuse.

Proactively associated with the initiatives of the Bhartiya Janta Party which is led under the vision of honorable Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi, Vishali has had the privilege of interacting with him during a regional video conference.

She is also a religious activist like her husband Mr. Kola Anand and they together took up the responsibility of renovating and redesigning an ancient temple of Lord Vishnu from the time of Cholas in their village and are presently working in the administration of the temple activities.

Having extensive experience at handling booth-level politics, electioneering and poll management, Vishali has received accolades from various leaders for her noteworthy work towards uplifting women and children. Her contribution to Tejo Barath has been appreciated by Honorable Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Ji, Yogi Adityanath Ji, Vasundhara Raje Ji, and many other eminent members.

She has also had the privilege of meeting various leaders with her representations regarding the pressing need for the creation of widespread awareness about various forms of sexual abuses, kidnapping, abduction of children, through educational curriculum, media and others, in order to protect the life, liberty and dignity of the child.

Her contribution in helping the needy post the outbreak of Covid -19 by providing food supplies to the underprivileged is praiseworthy. She is determined in promoting sustainable living and organic indigenous farming. She is associated with the NGO Abhaya Kshetram and has promised to give an identity to a young girl named Abhaya for eight years now. She is a part of making the first gigantic fifteen feet clay Ganesh idol in the temple town of Srikalahasti to create awareness to replace pop idols.

In a nutshell, the contributions made by Vishali Kola are inspirational for the Women living in semi-urban areas and homemakers. She leads the way in making this planet a more congenial place for children, women and individuals across sections who have been facing oppression for the longest time.

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