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Ojas Rawal aces romantic avatar for his new song 'Tu Sath Mari Hu Sath Tari' for his upcoming movie 'Dhummas'

Gujarati Film industry has seen numerous revolutions in this decade and adding to it is Ojas Rawal's new delivery. Ojas is a famous artist and a commendable entertainer in Gujarati Cinema. He has additionally worked in numerous conspicuous Bollywood projects and TV shows. From being a genuine entertainer to now being the darling star of the industry, he has resolved his direction through various characters. His new delivery 'Tu Sath Mari Hu Sath Tari' brought his heartfelt symbol out in front of his fans and followers.

'Tu Sath Mari Hu Sath Tari' has been delivered with a full-blown opening. The song is a romantic number from the film 'Dhummas.' The cast features Ojas Rawal and Kinjal Rajpriya as the main leads, close by other notable artists including Jayesh More, Chetan Daiya, and Aakash Zala. The released song has been sung by Jigardan Gadhavi and Aishwarya Majmudar, accompanied by the stunning verses by Ujjval Dave. The sentiment in the tune has been kept alive through a piece of astounding music by Aakash Shah. Ojas' character here portrays a genuine lover boy in the melody. The film has been directed by Kartavya Shah and produced by Bhavesh Upadhyay, Keyur Shah, and Vivek Shah.

The crowds' response to the music has been unequivocal with them showering a great deal of affection. Ojas has after a while attempted his lover boy picture in the film which has grabbed the eye of numerous viewers. The melody is a spectacular hit on YouTube. Fans are eager to encounter the freshness in the melody and Ojas' character. He has been getting wishes from his colleagues and friends for a new avatar after quite a while. He wishes to work through such roles in the future and it will be an intriguing hold on to see a greater amount of his work in the film.

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