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OkAdmission founder, Debjyoti Saha upcoming entrepreneur in the education market

Don't put any restrictions on yourself. Many people place limitations on themselves based on what they believe they are capable of. You can go as far as your imagination will allow. Remember that whatever you believe, you can attain. Believing in himself, Debjyoti Saha founder and CEO of Ok Admission is one of the leading entrepreneurs today.

His Journey

Debjyoti is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Falakata village in West Bengal's Alipurduar district. He comes from a working-class family with a modest business. He moved to Dehradun to complete his graduation in agriculture. He always wanted to do some job and contribute to society's problems.

So, he intended to build an Agrotech setup for this purpose, but it failed during the ideation stage. He noted that kids have a hard time deciding which institutions to attend, and he himself has struggled with this. He saw that the admissions process is disorganised and improper and that it also fails to deliver accurate information.

In 2017, when he was just 19 years old, he came up with his first venture DMG Educational Foundation. Where he along with his friends gave advice to students regarding admissions. The venture got a boost and many known colleges tied up with them as admission counselling partners and marketing.

Though they made a decent profit, the business did not thrive since they operated in a physical environment and were unable to reach a huge number of students.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Taking inspiration from Steve Jobs, who despite numerous failures throughout his life, never gave up. Similarly, despite numerous challenges, he did not give up and intends to launch a new enterprise based on the same old admissions concept but with a technology-driven facility.

In the year 2020, he began his search and discovered Okadmission.com, a one-stop solution for all your admission needs, where students may search institutions by region, course, and exam. They offer the ability to compare institutions and have even established bank partnerships on their website, where they provide detailed information about education loans and allow students to apply for a loan.

They have hostels listed on their website for students, and students can choose which hostels they want. They offer a professional team of career counsellors who assist students in making the best choices possible anytime they are stumped. The counsellors assist students in obtaining admission to their desired colleges through telephonic conversation

“The ed-tech market is in a growth period owing to covid-19,” he stated when asked about the present market position. “Because the online ed-tech market is students' only option for studying, numerous ed-tech startups are thriving at this time. They're seizing the chance because the internet is the way of the future,” he further added.

About OkAdmission

OkAdmission, an ed-tech firm, is the world's first and only technology-driven career counselling and admissions help firm. They include a number of features that other sites don't have, such as college comparisons, one-stop financing services, and a hostel directory where students may book hostels from the same site. So they have everything under one roof, from admission to loan.

Currently, the headquarter is situated in Dehradun, Uttarakhand targeting school passed out students.  They have raised 3 million rupees as pre-seed funding from a renowned investor and want their firm to rule the education market. With the help of the firm, Debjyoti wants to create more than a thousand jobs by 2024 and one lakh student admission.

For his creative ideas, the company was selected as the top100 startup ideas in the country. And for the upcoming entrepreneurs, Debjyoti said, “Stay calm and don't give up, keep patience. Because the ed-tech market is the market where it takes time for customer acquisition. So keep patience and go-ahead!”

Like Debjyoti Saha, one should always be motivated and focused in order to achieve one's goals and establish one's own place in the world.

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